3 Steps to identify skills that you have (and people will pay for)

Photo by Travis Essinger on Unsplash

Why getting distracted is killing your business potential

Photo by Zachariah Aussi on Unsplash

Productivity isn’t wasting less time, it’s getting the important stuff done

Kim Green (Unsplash) + Matt Sandrini

How to invest your time and energy in the right project

Ketut Subiyanto + Matt Sandrini

Is your business solving a problem that doesn’t exist?

Matt Sandrini

From the business’ point of view, that’s an easy sale.

How to kill your idea and get your first customer

Photos: Dan Burton & Federico Bottos | Illustration: Matt Sandrini

The secret to balancing your business with everything else

Matt Sandrini + JESHOOTS

Is your business taking you towards your goals, or away from them?

Matt Sandrini

How to stop getting distracted by ‘small bets’ that take you nowhere

Matt Sandrini

Your thinking around money is stopping your growth

Matt Sandrini

Matt Sandrini

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